Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tea Party!

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For an early birthday present I took Elizabeth to a vintage hat tea party. It was held at our local library, put on by the historical society. They had a vintage hat fashion show. It was very interesting. One hat was worth $1000.00. Another hat had a real stuffed bird on it. There were some very weired ones.

Elizabeth had a blast. She loves tea party's. They knew we were coming because you had to pre-register. It was so thoughtful of them to have hot chocolate available just for Elizabeth just incase she didn't like tea. Elizabeth had several little pieces of white chocolate that were on the table in a little dish. She also ate a TON of fruit dip (most of the time with out the fruit).

We did use real china and Elizabeth did great. I had talked to her before we went about the importance of being careful with the real china. She's not used to haveing to do that since her tea set is plastic.

My girls growing up. She'll be 4 years old November 11th. It just seems unreal.


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